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With applications in investments and corporate finance contexts, Equities Lab allows students to easily and quickly conduct theory-driven analyses using real world data. Instantaneously obtain all companies in an industry matching given criteria (leverage, market beta, profitability, etc.) or do a deep data-driven dive into a company. Equities Lab provides a turn-key data-and-analysis solution that can increase engagement and relevance of Finance courses. 

  • Complete up-to-date accounting data from Morningstar

  • Built-in grading module

  • Real-time analysis supporting corporate finance decisions

  • Survivorship bias free backtest

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Equities Lab has already been adopted by universities across the country

  • Richard Evans

    "I had the students in my investments course use Equities Lab and had a good experience. The interface is very intuitive and the program is surprisingly quick at calculating returns from a back test of various investment strategies. The developers seem to be adding additional capabilities all the time and the existing functionality, in terms of the number of variables and the ability to modify those variables is quite impressive."

    Richard Evans
    University of Virginia
  • "I teach a stock investing class, and we've used Equities Lab for the last two years. I find the software incredibly powerful, fast, and easy to use. It accesses a wide variety and large number of variables that one can combine in a multitude of ways in order to screen for stocks. What sets it apart from many products is its backtesting capabilities, where one can examine how a particular strategy would have performed over a variety of past market conditions, including bull, bear, and sideways markets. It comes with a large number of pre-programmed strategies that are easy to modify to suit ones specific criteria. Furthermore, the developers are constantly improving the product, adding new features and making it easier to use. Great product!"

    Jeffrey Busse
    Emory University
  • Vikas Agarwal

    "Equities Lab is a wonderful tool for anyone that is interested in investments. Several students of mine have tried this product and found it to be especially useful for implementing popular trading strategies used by hedge funds. I would highly recommend trying it out!"

    Vikas Agarwal
    Georgia State University
  • Dr. Sugata Ray

    "As a finance professor at the University of Florida, both my students and I use Equities Lab to engage in fundamental and technical analysis. Nick has helped with the learning curve and once we were comfortable with the product, it was a breeze to develop and back test strategies to meet investment objectives. I highly recommend the product."

    Dr. Sugata Ray
    University of Florida