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Get your students further, and decrease your workload.

With applications in investments and corporate finance, Equities Lab allows students to easily and quickly conduct theory-driven analyses using real world data. Instantaneously obtain all companies in an industry matching given criteria (leverage, market beta, profitability, etc.) or do a deep data-driven dive into a company. Equities Lab allows you to create homework for your class which is autograded and then stored in a table that easily exports to excel to allow easy importing into your university grade book.

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What existing professors think

With each professor who utilizes Equities Lab within their classroom environment, we want to make sure that they, and their students, are enjoying the platform. As a professor you have a direct line to speak with us if ever a problem arises in your account. Your students will also have access to our support email where we will answer their questions and fix any problems with their account in less than 24 hours if possible. Below are some professors who are currently using Equities Lab in a classroom setting, and their thoughts on the software.

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It may be hard to visualize using Equities Lab within your classroom at the moment. Below we’ve included examples where Equities Lab is already an integral part of the classroom experience.

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