August 12, 2016

Good To Great – Make the Right Investments

Good to Great

One of our more recently featured screens, Good to Great, was designed in order to find reasonable companies that are fairly consistent in their earnings. With a maximum of only 5 results it cuts down the time required to analyze and choose investments. Now, we never trust history 100%, but if you had used this screen starting in 2000 you would have returned over 5000% compared to the S&P’s return of 103% in that same time frame.…

July 11, 2016

Is Income Growth Really an Important Metric?

How important is income growth when it comes to finding a company to invest in?
editor.jul_11_03_41_23In our screen we go through and look for companies that have a market cap above 500 million, a positive cash flow from continuing operating activities for the trailing 12 months for both three years ago and today, and the growth in the cash flow from continuing operating activities has grown over the past three years.…

July 11, 2016

High Yield Doesn’t Always Mean High Return

High yield stocks are all the rage currently. Clients of mine are always asking for me to create screeners that search for the highest yielding dividend stocks in the market. This has resulted in me asking the question “how good are just straight high yield dividend stocks?”

To start this experiment off we are going to purchase all companies that have a dividend yield of greater than 0.1 (otherwise known as 10%).…

June 7, 2016

Making Steady Returns with Oil

Oil has been an incredibly volatile investment over the past twenty years, resulting in around 13% annual growth as an industry with a standard deviation of well over 7%. As a value investor the idea of investing in companies that can be seen as necessities to our current way of life is incredibly attractive, however, I need to figure out how to negate a certain amount of risk that can be see with this industry.…

April 21, 2015

The Power of the Short

We all know penny stocks are dangerous to buy. People pump penny stocks, forcing them to rise without reason. This creates a highly unstable environment, and the ONLY thing that is certain is the fall of the stock. So my thought has always been, why participate, and most likely lose, in the pump, when I can far more easily get into the almost guaranteed dump?…