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Equities Lab is a powerful investing tool that illuminates an ever-changing market. Professors and students alike rave about the impact this tool has in their classrooms.

Equities Lab provides the perfect educational gateway for professors. It is purely hands-on and provides all of the instructions and tutorials students need.


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Real World Applications

All of our exercises have real life applications in the world of corporate finance. Students glimpse the inner workings of some of the biggest companies in the country and turn their theories into results.

Equities Lab uses survivorship bias free current market data provided by Morningstar Research, a leading financial data provider.

Auto-graded customizable assignments

In a matter of minutes, you can customize and create engaging exercises that match your students’ needs. Define minimum requirements, set due dates, and track student completion.

Don’t waste time grading; Equities Lab has a robust auto-grading module that administers your grading matrix on student assignments.

When it comes time to place student grades into the gradebook, you can export all grades into excel. Never lose a student assignment, and track the progress of your students easily and efficiently.

A Stock Market Competition like no other

Equities Lab’s virtual portfolios were designed with classrooms in mind. Unlike traditional stock market simulators, professors have full visibility into student stock picks and performance. We support both individual and group portfolios to provide flexibility.

Even better, our virtual portfolios are completely integrated with our stock screeners and watchlists, so it’s easy for students to design and test their own investment theories.

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