Serious Stock Screening for true insight

Equities Lab lets you screen your stocks, and control your investments.  Know why you bought any given stock, and when you should sell it.  Our stock screener finds the stocks you want.  Our backtester tells you whether those stocks generally do well, and the watchlists keep you on track.  You can use our charting tools and vast data to dig into a stock, and understand why it is doing what it is doing.
Check out our screening feature…

Serious research

Investing is hard work. Serious investors end up using Excel, one or more software packages, and lots of math. And yet, getting the data, and keeping it under control, and making sense of it all is hard work. After all, there are at least 18,000 stocks to keep track of, with hundreds of metrics each, going back, lets say 20 years. If you tried to put one field in an Excel spreadsheet, it would have 27,000 rows, and ,000 columns! That’s a lot to ask from Excel. Check out our data…

Seeing what worked in the past

It’s all well and good to find stocks that meet some criteria. But, how did these criteria worked in the past? You have to know. You’d think that you could just find a book that somebody wrote that tells you what works, but that doesn’t, in fact, put you in control.  You’ll want to tweak it. You’ll want to put their system into practice. You’ll want usable data. Make any compromises, or change anything (as you’ll will), and you’ll want to validate that it still works. Otherwise, you don’t know whether you screwed up, or they did. You won’t know whether to hang on, or try something else.  Look at the green line, and how it crushed the S&P 500 over 20 years.

With Equities Lab, we give you about a many many ways to see into the past. You can see how your strategy did, what it bought, how each position did, and more. Learn more about our backtests…

Express yourself

Break out of the matrix. We allow you to ask almost anything about a stock. You get auto-completion, a helpful field and operator reference, and built-in help every step of the way. We give you the power, and help you to use it. For instance, people like to use the Piotroski score to filter stocks.  Piotroski score is a nine point checklist, and a good Piotroski stock would have to match seven of these nine conditions.  Checking this in Equities Lab is easy to do: it takes ten statements — nine for the condition, and one for the count and comparison. Similarly, finding the stocks that are the second cheapest 10% of some valuation metric is easy.  If you want to filter companies before you rank, and you want to collate by industry or other segment, you just do it. It is literally easier to do than to describe.  Here are the ten statements (we just took a screen grab of our built in formula). Learn More About the Editor…

Think big

We chew through massive amounts of data, quickly. The chart below lets you see the relative performance of all the stock market sectors.  You see right away that Oil (the blue line) jumps above the other sectors.  You can zoom in and see how each sector did over rolling 5 year periods easily and smoothly.  See this data crunching in action….

Think deep

We give you access to information buried in the books of thousands of companies. For example, you can test the changing inventory levels and accounts receivable of all companies over 20 years using our Morningstar data set. We have the companies that trade today, as well as the ones that are but a distant memory. You can take these comparisons and rank across their peers in their sector. Then you can see how this ranking changes over time, and select the companies that are moving in the right direction.

Great Graphics

It’s one thing to be told that your portfolio got 10% annual performance, and that it had a monthly Sharpe Ratio of 0.13. It’s another to see it in pictures. It’s yet another to be able to interact with these pictures, and get a deep nuanced understanding of the data. We have scatter charts, heat maps, tilt chart, breakdowns, exportable tables, and more.  We even have regular charts.  Better still, you can take these great graphics and tables, and export them to documents, Excel, or the web, so you can make your points more easily.

See what you are doing

Track your portfolios, keep notes, see how you have performed in the past, and slice and dice your winners and losers. This will let you can have more winners and fewer losers. This overview panel shows you all of your managed strategies, along with your suggested sells and buys.  Our tear sheets let you get an overview of any stock by clicking on it, and you can use the breakdown panel to ensure you don’t invest too heavily in one sector.  The notes on each stock let you learn from experience, and the buy/sell tracking keeps you on the straight and narrow.We also integrate with Interactive Brokers and Tradier, to allow you to place trades directly from Equities Lab, and keep track of how those trades are doing.  We’ll also tell you when it’s time to sell, and buy new stocks.

We can help you

We have on screen documentation, assignments to help you learn how to invest, YouTube videos, a textbook available on Amazon, email support, a webinar series, and paid strategy creation. Learn More…

We have your formula

Lots of very smart people have studied the stock market. These people are smarter than you or I, and they have spent countless hours poring over the data to create interesting formulas and insights. Formulas and insights which we have encoded in Equities Lab, in an open, transparent way:

  • Piotroski Score
  • Altman Z Score
  • Ohlson’s O Score
  • Montier C Score
  • Declining Wedge
  • Ascending Triangle
  • Quality Minus Junk
  • Book Value
  • Stock Idiosyncratic Risk
  • Leverage Ratio
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • Interest Coverage Ratio

You can take these, modify them, enhance them, and build your own formulas.  We’re waiting to see what you can cook up.  Feel free to email us with your ideas or questions at sales@equitieslab.com.

Who we are

We are a pair of Java and Python experts who started this in 2012 to learn how to invest. We had money to invest since we’d been working at Google and at the CDC, and consulting with Nike and SAP. We use a custom database system to store and manage the gigabytes of data involved, and ensure that the queries run well, and use a rich Java interface to ensure that if your strategy makes 200,000 trades, you can search through the list and find the ones that work well.  Meet our Founders…