Looking to Make Data-Backed Investments?

While many people tend to follow the “hype” of a stock to invest in it (as seen with the whole GameStop ($GME) debacle), others tend to take a more calculated approach. But, what categorizes an approach as “calculated”? Let’s say data-backed! Informed decision making that’s backed by data is one of the most important aspects of successful investments. Look at any investor who has seemingly outsmarted the market; Ray Dalio, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet, Carl Ichan, Bill Ackman, and the list goes on. There’s no way they’ve just guessed and won… Instead of hiring an analyst, a financial manager, or someone that can report the data to you, investors (big or small) can embrace the capabilities of Equities Lab.

Big Data Makes for Smarter Investments

If you’ve used Equities Lab before, you know how much pieces of information are available for you to use in order to distinguish the best possible trade you can make at a particular time. If you haven’t used Equities Lab, we recommend checking out such indicators offered by Equities Lab you can use to make informed investments:

  • Equities Lab uses multiple sources of insights to enable the use of big data. This includes the processing of financial information, news, and market data in order to provide a comprehensive view of a specific stock
  • Short Interest
  • Leverage
  • Alternative Data Sources
  • And More

The best part of all this data is that you can back test it using Equities Lab in order to see if the specific indicators you’ve used out-perform the market.

Customizable Data: What Works for You?

Equities Lab offers a lot of indicators, yes. However, each of them can be customized to your needs. Want to see how a stock performed in the 90s compared to now? Tailor your research to tell so. Want to know the leverage used by a specific company? Tailor your research to tell so. Whatever you want to find, you can find it within Equities Lab by customizing the research you do to fulfill your investment goals.

While data is being customized for you, we also find that all of your research is streamlined so you can save time and effort. All tools are available at your finger tips — LITERALLY! Equities Lab has incorporated quick keys to streamline certain functions (new tabs, new graph, etc.). Equities Lab has also incorporated features such as automatic data retrieval, real-time alerts (watchlists), and customizable dashboard that can help you with your research. Don’t waste another second!

Two Brains Work Better Than One

While you conduct the research for your investments, it’s always great to have a pool of like-minded individuals to double-check with. Maybe they’ve made an investment based on the inputs you’ve now just found. Maybe they’re looking to make the same investment, but have come to the same conclusion using another piece of information. Equities Lab allows users to join a collaborative environment to share investment insight, strategies, and research the findings within the community.

There may be short-term benefits of having such a community. But, the long-term benefits include networking with fellow investors and analysts, accessing expert opinions, and learning from the collective intelligence of the Equities Lab community.

Equities Labs transforms stock analysis by leveraging data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and a user-friendly platform. By harnessing the power of data, investors can make smarter, more informed investment decisions, maximizing their chances of success in the dynamic world of stock trading. With Equities Labs, the future of stock analysis is here.

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