“When it comes to granular, data-driven research, I’m not sure there is a more capable tool on the market than Equities Lab.  (You can scrub data, back-test, and validate virtually any idea your mind can dream up.  Want to know if small-cap companies with free cash flow and high growth estimates outperform their peers over a given time period?  Curious which industries outperform or under-perform their peers relative to a specific indicator?) Easy.  Powerful.  Responsive.  Helpful support.  And constantly improving.  That’s a pretty good mix in my book.”

– David Littlejohn – Investment Manager at Littlejohn Financial Services – LinkedIn Profile

“As a finance professor at the University of Florida, both my students and I use Equities Lab to engage in fundamental and technical analysis. Nick has helped with the learning curve and once we were comfortable with the product, it was a breeze to develop and back test strategies to meet investment objectives. I highly recommend the product.”

– Sugata Ray – Professor of Finance at University of Florida – LinkedIn Profile

“Equities Lab is a wonderful tool for anyone that is interested in investments. Several students of mine have tried this product and found it to be especially useful for implementing popular trading strategies used by hedge funds. I would highly recommend trying it out!”

– Vikas Agarwal  – Professor of Finance at Georgia State University –  LinkedIn Profile

“Equities Lab is robust modeling software with data-rich features, including the ability to model quantitative strategies of well-known managers. If you can conceive it, you can back-test and easily create screens using EL. The support is excellent; they are passionate about investing and making this a premier product so there are frequent improvements and additions. I heartily recommend them.”

– Alan Wind – Accounting Manager at Epstein School –  LinkedIn Profile

“I first tried out several other analysis products including eTrade Pro, NinjaTrader and attempting to cobble something together with Google Finance and Google Spreadsheets.The other options were pretty terrible and your product seems almost exactly what I want although, there have been a couple of quirks for me so far: All in all, this is very well done. I haven’t used it much yet, but I already mentioned you to a friend at work who I know is very interested in the market.”

– Joshua Bannon – Software Developer/Designer at Snowfall Software – LinkedIn Profile

“I teach a stock investing class, and we’ve used Equities Lab for the last two years. I find the software incredibly powerful, fast, and easy to use. It accesses a wide variety and large number of variables that one can combine in a multitude of ways in order to screen for stocks. What sets it apart from many products is its backtesting capabilities, where one can examine how a particular strategy would have performed over a variety of past market conditions, including bull, bear, and sideways markets. It comes with a large number of pre-programmed strategies that are easy to modify to suit ones specific criteria. Furthermore, the developers are constantly improving the product, adding new features and making it easier to use. Great product!”

Jeffrey Busse – Professor at Emory University, Goizueta Business School – LinkedIn Profile

I had the students in my investments course use Equities Lab and had a good experience. The interface is very intuitive and the program is surprisingly quick at calculating returns from a back test of various investment strategies. The developers seem to be adding additional capabilities all the time and the existing functionality, in terms of the number of variables and the ability to modify those variables is quite impressive.”

– Richard B. Evans – Associate Professor at University of Virgina, Darden Graduate School of Business – Profile

“This software is very impressive with its ability to test portfolio strategy performance over time. It has enabled me to optimize screening and management stategies while giving me confidence in long term expectation of return and risk. The software comes with a number of featured screens which have eye-popping performance and reliability. There is far more flexibility to the software than I will ever have time to explore, but with little time, I have been able to test ideas and optimize portfolio parameters with ease. For instance, it has given me an understanding of the optimal trading periods given trading fees and portfolio size. Trade too frequently, and commisions eat you alive. Trade too infrequently, and you miss out on potential gains. With Equities Lab, I have identified the maximum-profit trading periods for my portfolios.

To be fair, the software has an ‘just out of the gate’ feel, but I have gotten great support when running into questions or hangups.

I am no financial professional, but it is clear to me that Equities Lab has enormous potential for helping investors to build weath. I look forward to seeing it evolve even further.”

– Eric Darnell – Engineer at MDA – LinkedIn Profile

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