Key Features of Equities Lab

User Interface

Good luck finding drop-down menus in our program. The Equities Lab editor can be 100% keyboard based. It's beautiful and ahead of its game.

White Box Approach

Equities Lab believes in an open investment strategy approach where the user knows exactly how and why a security was chosen. This means better control, better returns, and better knowledge. Which means, your strategy will actually be worth sticking with, and you’ll know that.

Point-in-time Data

Equities Lab allows you to go back to a particular date and use only the information available on that date to do your back testing, stock screening or other analysis.

Stock Screener

The Equities Lab Stock Screener combines a beautiful, next generation user interface with access to thousands of fields or raw data to provide you with a truly unique experience. Our numerous powerful mathematical operators allow you to create just about any screening criteria that you can dream up. Not only do we return a beautiful heat map of stocks, of which you can custom sort, size, and color on, but we provide in-depth analytics on each particular stock and all passing stocks as a whole. Challenge yourself to create a market crushing strategy or browse our pre-made strategies that return upwards of 35% per year.


What are some common words you associate with back testing? Slow, very slow, extremely slow, inaccurate, un-intuitive? Equities Lab back test has been described as extremely fast, accurate, realistic, and intuitive and for good reason. Our back test allows for stop losses, stop gains, trading costs, keeping only the top matches (ordered however you please), and custom re-balancing. Not only does it provide you with with data, but it allows you to have an in-depth understanding of where the performance is coming from.

Watch lists

After you create a market crushing strategy or decide to follow one of our pre-made strategies, then let Equities Lab Watch Lists alert you when stocks enter and exit that strategy. Browse numerous tear sheets within Equities Lab and make a buy or sell suggestion without ever leaving your Equities Lab. Also, import stocks that you currently own to search for any fundamental or technical red flags. 

Trading Models

Knowing which securities to buy is only part of the battle. Identifying the best times to buy and sell the stock matters just as much. Choose from industry standards or design your own robust trading models using technical, fundamental, and government (think interest rates and housing data) data.


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