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Tyler McCain

Click next to “Research Stock”

Here you will input the ticker symbol for the company you are looking to analyze. This can be anything within our system. For this case we are going to be using AAPL.

Adjust the dates

You can adjust the time frame of the chart going back to 1995. You can make it as short of a time frame as yesterday. We do not have intraday data yesterday to today is the soonest usable time frame.

Selecting the time

The most common time frames are already input into the system. You can – 

1) Select one of these dates

2) Use the calendar to select your date range

3) Type in your own dates

Changing the tear sheet

We attempt to provide as much information as possible to the user without overloading them. The default tear sheet in the stock picks is “synopsis”. This synopsis has some fairly basic information, but you can change this space to something more applicable to your investment thesis by clicking on the “Synopsis Tear Sheet” name.

Selecting the Tear Sheet

There are 22 different options. If you hover over the tear sheet name you will see exactly what fields are included in it. For our example we are going to take a look at the Income statement yearly.

Analyze the information on the tear sheet


Checking the news

Though news isn’t directly provided within the Equities Lab system, we do provide links to a few popular news resources as well as the company’s SEC filings.

Lets add a bit more info to the chart under the trading rules tab


Changing the benchmark

The S&P is the default benchmark for the system; however, you are able to adjust this to be just about anything.

Different Stocks

$AAPL is a major tech company. If we want to compare them to other companies in the space simply type in the tickers and press “enter”.

Click “Done”


Refresh the window by clicking “Go”


Now it’s time to add some information on AAPL to the chart

We do this through selecting a plot panel. A plot panel allows you to plot a large number of data points onto the chart through a simple click.

Select which panel you’d like

Much like the tear sheet, if you hover over the plot panel you can see what it will plot. We are going to select PE Comparison.

Refresh the window again.


Going through the plotted information

On the chart you can see all of the historic values of the plotted variables. 

Changing the trading model

Some people don’t just buy and hold a position. The Equities Lab system has a number of different models you can choose from to adjust the trading behavior; or you can create your own.

Selecting the trading model

Assuming that you want to go with one that is already in the system we will go ahead and select count oscillator.

Running the simulation


Results Report

In the results report you can see a combination of monthly and yearly statistics. 

Results by Time

In the results by time you will be able to see how well the benchmarks, stock, and trading model performed on an annual basis. You can adjust this time frame to whatever works best for your investment thesis.

Results Table

Here you will find detailed day-by-day information on the trading model, stock, benchmarks, and any plotted variables. 

Exporting the info

This being detailed information in a table format you can export it into an excel spreadsheet. To do this simply press “Export” and save it to your computer.

Saving the Pick

If you like the work and analysis you’ve done, or want to continue the analysis at a later date you are able to save your pick to the system. To do this, simply click the floppy icon.

Naming the model

For all of your individual stock models you’ll want to preface the name with “Per Ticker:” the system will do this automatically, so just be careful not to delete it. After that you can type anything you like. In the case of this example we are using an oscillator on the ticker AAPL so we will name it as such.

Finding the model

All saved items can be found in the Explorer tab.

Sorting explorer

There are hundreds of different items within the explorer tab. Since we are looking for a trading model we can shrink the pool of available options by clicking the green “Trading Model” icon highlighted here.


Once that is done, or even before, just type in part of the time of the model and you should see it appear. To access your model simply click and you will be brought directly there.

About Tyler McCain

A student of finance at Georgia State University, Tyler has had a passion for the world of finance for as long as he can remember. Joining the Equities Lab team in 2015 he attempts to juggle the perfect mix of school, work, and giving back to the community. When he isn't working at Equities Lab he can often be found helping teach programs at the Rosen Family Foundation - a non-profit that teaches financial literacy to middle and high school students.

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