Insider Ownership
High insider ownership is something commonly associated with value investors. The idea behind it is rather simple. If the management owns a large portion of the company, then they are incentivized to perform well – benefiting not only themselves but the shareholders as well.  The other side of that coin is that owners may not listen to the advice of people within the company, using their position as majority shareholder to push for things the company wouldn’t do otherwise.…
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Oil has been an incredibly volatile investment over the past twenty years, resulting in around 13% annual growth as an industry with a standard deviation of well over 7%. As a value investor the idea of investing in companies that can be seen as necessities to our current way of life is incredibly attractive, however, I need to figure out how to negate a certain amount of risk that can be see with this industry.…
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Are bonds broken? Can one make money in bonds, and can one do it in today's low interest environment?
   May 19, 2015    0