Funds Vs. Investing Yourself

Tyler McCain

Every investor has their own preferred investment. Two of the most popular choices are investing in funds such as ETF’s, Mutual Funds, or Hedge Funds, and self-investing using a strategy that you’ve either built yourself or adopted from a well-known investor. It’s finally time to figure out which choice has more potential.…

Be Careful What you Short

Tyler McCain


When I’m going through a testing process to check for a new update, my go to screen is “Close > 444”. This seems all fine and well, and will return companies that have a close greater than 444, but, believe it or not, this usage of “close” is incorrect.

Within the Equities Lab system, there are two types of close – Close, and RawClose.

About Rebalance Periods

Tyler McCain

What is rebalancing?

When you first start screening and backtesting for companies you are going to be presented with a number of different variables that need to be decided. One such variable is the rebalance period. Think of a rebalance as the following.

– When a portfolio is rebalanced it is assumed that all positions within that portfolio are sold, and all companies that are returned by the screener are purchased at the same weight at the same time.…

Investable Stocks


The Stocks you pay for

The other day I wrote an article discussing my distaste for penny stocks and for how they are marketed as “the next big thing”, ruining thousands of people’s financial lives. Well, if you can’t invest in penny stocks, what can you invest in? How about we invest in stocks that, at an extremely basic level, are actually worth something?…

Don’t be Fooled by Margin

Tyler McCain

Is margin inherently bad? This is a question I’m often asked by people who are just starting off the in the markets and have just been offered margin by their brokerage firm. I, like always, answer the question with “it depends” a vague answer that really nobody wants to hear; but, like most things, it really does depend on the person.…