Investing is as american as apple pie


How are investments like apple pie?

Think back to the last slice of apple pie you have had. My last slice, eaten with my wife and two daughters, was delicious. It was out of this world. For me, it was the best apple pie. What makes it special? The recipe (passed down from my mother in law to my wife, Emily) is simple:


6 Granny Smith Apples

1/2 cup of sugar



Four Pillsbury frozen pie crusts

First question: why are we using four pie crusts for one pie?!?…

How to not be Fooled by the Stock Market

Aaron G

The stock market is no longer simply about buying stocks you believe in and selling those you don’t. Today’s stock market is full of promotion and false statistics. This is the negative affect of the information age as many people have used these mediums as a way to spread lies that play into their personal agenda.…