Is Short Interest a Good Indicator?

Tyler McCain

Is Short Interest a Good Indicator?

In Equities Lab, if you subscribe to our professional level, you have the ability to access certain fields that aren’t available to our more basic membership levels. One such field is the short interest that is held in companies across the market, and it was this field that got me thinking.…

Ally Invest Purchased Equities Lab Basic for All Members


Ally Invest Group has Just Purchased Equities Lab Basic Accounts for all of their Members

We are excited to announce that over the past few months we have been working hard on integrating the Ally Invest Group API into our system. Now that we have completed that task, you can easily go into Equities Lab and use our software for all of your investing needs – from analyzing potential positions to executing trades.…

Is Income Growth Really an Important Metric?

Aaron A

How important is income growth when it comes to finding a company to invest in?
editor.jul_11_03_41_23In our screen we go through and look for companies that have a market cap above 500 million, a positive cash flow from continuing operating activities for the trailing 12 months for both three years ago and today, and the growth in the cash flow from continuing operating activities has grown over the past three years.…

Using dynamic metric averages over a period of time as a baseline


I thought I would share something a seasoned analyst taught me. It’s a simple concept, but it was not overtly obvious, to me at least, when I first encountered it. It’s the third option below. I go through the first two options for reference.

When screening equities, using metrics (or ratios), you’ve got three main options (or some combination of the three options below):