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After four years it is now time for me to move onto the next chapter. My time here at Equities Lab has been fantastic, and I’ll still be around posting articles here and there. But before then I’d like to summarize my experiences here in this article.

Since I was first introduced to finance when I was 13, it is something that has always interested me. Regardless of other interests, whether they be computers, engineering, or cars I always seemed to come back to the idea that I belonged in the field of finance. This was apparent to the people around me, and nobody supported me in this idea more than my mother who would drive me to meet up groups centered on the concept of investing. One such group when I was 15 focused on the quantitative elements of investing. It was here that I first met Henry and became one of the early Beta testers for the Equities Lab software.

Now, though I had access to the software, I didn’t know how to use it, so it was left sitting on my computer desktop for the next few years until Emily had by chance volunteered at my mother’s foundation, which teaches financial literacy. I was brought along to their first meeting to help decode the marketing speak for my mom, and I immediately recognized Henry from the meetup group just a few years earlier. The meeting ran for quite some time as after we ironed out the marketing for the foundation we talked about the state of the market and how I could utilize their software in my investments. Eventually, this led to a phone call about a month later where Henry asked if I would be interested in learning more about the financial industry while working at Equities Lab – an opportunity I jumped at without hesitation.

That was four years ago almost to the day, and to be honest, I wouldn’t trade that time for anything else. I’ve been forced to learn here faster than many of my peers. Whether I was helping create a quantitative strategy for a hedge fund manager or building a Master’s level course in investing for the professors we work with at Universities. Now, I’m far from knowing everything, and I’m reminded of this every time I’m on the phone with a client who is interested in a new metric I haven’t heard of and who has years of experience in the industry. But that is what’s so wonderful about the environment here. I was allowed to learn and grow constantly. I was never pigeonholed into any one metric or strategy. Rather I’ve been challenged at every step along the way.

Beyond that, I was given the freedom to experiment with new metrics. As I took new classes in University, I was exposed to new ideas about investing and learned why I was doing some of the things clients had been asking me to do for years. The software and the firm gave me the ability to build on these classroom skills and test them in both a simulated and real-world environment. I think this is most apparent in the articles that I’ve written in my time here. Looking back at the articles I wrote when I first began and comparing them to some recent articles, I can tell that there has been a progression in my knowledge. This is also due to many of you readers who have left comments on the articles pointing out flaws in the logic or offering advice for how I could improve the strategies the articles were centered around. Thank you all for spending your time reading what I had to say and taking those articles seriously. You have truly helped me grow, and inspire me to want to improve further every day of every year.

So, what’s next? Over the past year, I’ve been working outside of my time at Equities Lab to start an RIA firm. There I hope to take the knowledge of investing I have learned here and help clients with their investments. I aim to pair this service with financial planning and strategically help people achieve their retirement and boarder financial goals through the use of a mixture of investment and insurance products.

Lastly, I’d just like to thank you, Henry and Emily, for giving 18-year-old me a shot. You guys have been amazing to work for, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. After four years of working here, I know that I will always look back on this time fondly and I wish you all the best.

Thank you all so much,
Tyler McCain

About Tyler McCain

A student of finance at Georgia State University, Tyler has had a passion for the world of finance for as long as he can remember. Joining the Equities Lab team in 2015 he attempts to juggle the perfect mix of school, work, and giving back to the community. When he isn't working at Equities Lab he can often be found helping teach programs at the Rosen Family Foundation - a non-profit that teaches financial literacy to middle and high school students.

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