These screenshots will start embarrassingly simple, and get more elaborate.  So stay tuned…First, lets find large companies! Now, within that set of companies we want to find companies with decent valuation: That’s nice, but we have some companies with really tiny PE values: Let’s filter them out (using add term on the <, and dragging and dropping the terms): This is nice, but where did I get those 3 and 12 from.  Lets do something more molded to the stocks in question.  Enter the rank-across operator: We quickly learn that among large caps, that pe range is too strict:  the 5th
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Importing Assignments - University Series
Sometimes it’s better to not reinvent the wheel. A number of our existing professors have allowed a few of their class homework assignments to be publicly available to other professors. You can import these assignments into your Equities Lab class environment and either use them as-is or change them to follow your syllabus.…
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Testing your Equities Lab homework assignments
Not all assignments are created equal. Courses get more difficult as time goes on, and as you push your students to not only understand the material but also implement what they’ve learned into real-world simulations, some homeworks may become too complex for the standard user to successfully complete. In order to combat this, we allow professors like you to try the homework assignments before they are assigned.…
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Creating your first class and homework
So you’ve just downloaded Equities Lab and are ready to set up your account for the class you’re teaching next semester. To successfully do this, just follow the below steps: 1. Navigate to Account Settings 2. Click on “Create Course” 3. Name your course following the rules 4. Click on “Create new homework” 5.…
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