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Burnie Anti-Advisor

Burnie is an executive working with accounting for Delta Airlines in Atlanta. He is approaching hid mid-50's and has a wife and two kids. His children are just finishing up college and Burnie is excited to have them off his payroll soon as they will soon be employed. Burnie's goal is to retire by age 60 from Delta, the company he has been working with for the past 20 years. Delta compensates Burnie very well so he has been able to save just over $1.5 million throughout his working life.  Burnie has also been adding around 7% of his income to a 401K and he does not plan on touching that money until age 65 or 70.

Out of the 1.5 million is savings that Burnie currently holds, just over 1 million of that WAS invested with a local financial advisor. Burnie has been with multiple advisors since the mid-90's. He kept switching from advisor to advisor in hopes to find someone that can give him better returns. Burnie wants better returns because he is unsatisfied with his current nest. He should have a good amount of money to spend during retirement but not enough for the lifestyle that Burnie plans on having. This lifestly includes multiple vacations a year to different and exotic destinations. Burnie also wants to leave his two children a decent amount of money when he dies.

Burnie came to the conclusion that no financial advisor is going to give him above average returns. He feels like advisors must invest in whatever their company "pushes" on to them, and into funds that contain stocks and sectors that burnie wants to stay away from. As a result Burnie decided to have his money that was with his financial advisor  transferred to his control. Burnie figures he can spend about an hour to two hours a day researching and working on his investments. Burnie already has knowledge of fundamental analysis since he has worked in accounting for so long and he has a moderate knowledge of technical analysis since he did some trading in the early 2000's along with reading books on the matter.

Burnie is worried but confident about his situation. He has a lot of money at risk. He needs a tool to give him confidence and results. His friend recommended Equites Lab to Burnie. Burnie's friend has been using equities Lab for the past couple of months and has seen great results.

Burnie recently signed up for an account at Equities Lab. The first thing Equities Lab can help him with is reviewing is holdings that were transferred to him from his advisor. There are close to 50 different stocks and funds. In terms of funds, Burnie just kept the ones that have performed well lately and sold the ones that have underformed. he now holds about 20% of his portfolio in funds. The other 80% is in stocks and cash. Equitiels lab has a function where Burnie can enter in all of his current stocks then test whether they pass certain conditions. Burnie did this and discovered many of the companies his advisor invested in have weak financials and minimal sales growth. Burnie ended up selling about 80% of the stocks that his advisor currently invested in for him. This leaves Burnies with 60% of his portfolio in cash and he wants that number to be around 5%.

Burnie asks himself "what should I buy?". This question is very difficult to answer so he turned to equities lab for help. Burnie first went thorugh many pre-made stratgies available for Equities Lab users that have been backtested and proven to work since their existence. Some of these strategies include the perfect Piotroski score stock screener or the BUY the numbers stock screener. These strategies introduced him to about 15 stocks that he is comfortable buying. These stocks range from different sectors, sizes, and yields. Burnie then went on to create his own strategies using conditions from Equities lab's pre made strategies that were proven to work with the back test function. He then put thense strategies in a watchlist so he is notified when stocks enter and exit the strategy.