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Tom Technical

Tom Techinical is a middle aged man living in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. He has three children, all of which are in high school.

Tom is financially comfortable in this point in his life due to the fact he owns three successfull restaurants throughout the Atlanta area. Over the past 5 years Tom has hired trustful managers to complete most of the tasks that Tom previously had to complete. As a result, Tom has more and more leisure time each and every year. H

 Tom does not waste his leisure time. He has multiple hobbies that keep him busy and active  in his free time.  After golf and biking, his favorite hobby is learning and practicing technical analysis on stocks. He has a moderately high knowledge of technical analysis because of books and articles he has read as well as technical analysis meetings he has attended.  Tom is subscribed to a couple of technical analysis softwares that he is content with, but he would love to find something new and exciting to feed is hunger for more knowledge of the technical analysis field.

Tom's goal in terms of investing is to outperform the market each and every year and build up a large estate to leave to his children. He doesn't how 70% of mutual funds underperform the market so he is taking matters into his own hands and investing in stocks.

Equities Lab is what Tom should be looking for. He can put well-known strategies that he follows to test as well as visualize them in different ways. He can also create and test his own startegies on different securities to see if those strategies have worked in the past. Tom will also find the powerful and fun to use stock screneer that Equities Lab offers. In the stock screener he can browse our create straegies that search forstocks who meet specific technical indicators. He can also Browse thru and create fundamnetal screens the outperform the market then add technical indicators to the stock screener to get alerts.