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Multiple Filters

LARGE COMPANY PRICE GROWTH: Use the "and" operator to combine conditions: Large companies that went up 20%.

This screener shows securities that have a market cap greater than 100 billion and have increased in price at least 20% over the past year. This is an example of how you can compile multiple conditions within your filter using the and operator.

Try This

Click on match all (note that it reads and when highlighted) and replace it with or.

Hit the F5 key, or the blue Go button in the upper right, to see your updated results. Now you have securities that either went up 20%, OR have a Market Cap over 100 billion.

Now Try This

Change the Or back to an And

Click on the and and insert another and operator, or click the green "add term" button.

You can do this by selecting and from the drop-down menu...

Or by hitting the comma key while and is highlighted.

Insert a criterion that you would like to see in the companies that pass. In my example, I put RevenueGrowth T12M  > 0.1.

Click on the empty box and select Add Content> Insert Propery


Then Search for the property in the Tools tab

After finding the property, you can click on it to insert it into the empty box. If that doesn't work you may click and drag the property into the box.

The final product will look something like this.

That narrows down the results a little more.