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Quick Start: Test a Myth

SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY: How does the "sell in may and go away" trading model perform against SPY?

This Trading Model Buys the S & P 500 in September and Sells SPY in May. So it essentially stays out of the market from May through August, the Summer months.

The Safe Harbor is Cash meaning when we sell the security we do not invest in any other security.

Try This

In The Buy Tab and replace 8 with  "Choose from X to Y"

Now Make the editor say "Choose from 1 to 12"

Do the same exact thing with the number 5. Your editor will look like the image below if done correctly

Now Refresh. This Trading Model will find out for us what were the best months to be in the market since 2000.

Click on Best Stock Pick in green to see what those months are.

So if we would've bought SPY in July and Sold In May since 2000 we would have had an 45.93% total return versus a 14.19%% total return if we would have just Bought and Held SPY.

The 14.19% comes from clicking on "--- SPY" in Blue.

Click on Worst Trading Model to see which buy and sell months would have produced the worst return

Try changing the security from SPY to your favorite security and check out the results.

Now are you starting to see how INTELLIGENT this program is?