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Blacklisting Stocks With the Sell Tab

Create a New Watchlist and Add the stock screener Benjemin Graham to the Buy Tab




Blacklist Criteria

Click on "Click to Blacklist Screeners" in the Blacklist tab shown below:

Select the following Yellow Flag Stock Screeners (search for 'yellow flag' in the search bar to locate them more quickly)

1. Downward Revisions

2. Negative Surprise

3. Overvalued

4. Low Quick Ratio

5. Sales Decline


The stock screeners you selected above are part of the Blacklist criteria. Stocks that pass any of these stock screeners will never show up in your watchlist. If a security already existing in your watchlist starts passing any of the blacklist criteria then the program will give you a sell alert.

After clicking Done you will have all stocks that pass your inclusion criteria (the Banjamin Graham stock screener) and blacklist criteria.


Notice how a couple of stocks disappeared from your results.Why?

These stocks are no longer a part of your results because they passed one of the stock screeners we defined in our blacklist criteria.

Save the Watchlist. 

Now that you have a set of buy suggestions, quickly go thru them and select "I bought".

Exclude Individual Securities

Now that we have a set of stocks that pass the stock screener "Benjamin Graham" and DO NOT pass any of the yellow stock screeners we added, let's exclude some individual securities the we do not want to hold in our portfolio anymore.

Click on "blacklist stocks" on the right side of the Blacklist tab.

*Note: If you selected "Never Buy" on any of the securities with a buy suggestion then there will already be blacklisted stocks

In the resulting window exclude some of the stocks that are in your watchlist.

In my watchlist I am exlcuding the stocks CLF and MIl

The stocks we Blacklisted will now show up on the heat map with a sell suggestion:


For a quick review, check out the Buy Tab and Blacklist Tab which is displayed below:

The conditions set fourth in the Buy Tab and Blacklist Tab work together to give us our watchlist results. In this particular watchlist we require that the stocks pass the Benjamin Graham stock screener, we require that they do NOT pass any of the yellow flag stock screeners listed above, and they cannot be any of the blacklisted stocks listed above.