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Operator Example Mapping

Operator File
/ Divided By
* Multiply
- Minus
+ Plus
< Less Than and Greater Than
<= Greater Than or Equal To
>= Less Than or Equal To
> Less Than and Greater Than
abs Absolute Value
abs-ratio Absolute Ratio
always-since Always Since
always-within Always Within
and And
as_of As Of
at At
average Average
average-across Average Across
average-since Average Since
average-within Average Within
backtest Backtest
change-over Change Over
choose-range Choose Range
choose-set Choose Set
classify-as Classify As
count Count
count-across Count Across
count-since Count Since
count-within Count Within
ema Exponential Moving Average
equals Equals and Not Equals
not_equals Equals and Not Equals
ever-since Ever Since
ever-within Ever Within
if If
max Max and Min
max-across Max Across
max-since Max Since
max-within Max Within
median-across Median Across
min Max and Min
min-across Min Across
min-since Min Since
min-within Min Within
not Not
odds Odds
odds-across Odds Across
odds-since Odds Since
odds-within Odds Within
or Or
percentile-across Percentile Across
percentile-since Percentile Since
percentile-within Percentile Within
position-across Position Across
rank Rank
rank-across Rank Across
rank-since Rank Since
rank-within Rank Within
round Round
round-power Round Power
stddev Standard Deviation
sum-since Sum Since
sum-within Sum Within
then-since Then Since
then-within Then Within
total-across Total Across
variance Variance
weighted-average-across Weighted Average Across
when-since When Since
when-within When Within