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Putting Equities Lab to Use

This guide will walk you through the process of getting started all the way to having a portfolio of stocks that will likely outperform, and understanding how to manage and keep that portfolio up to date...

Pick A Strategy

  1. From your account page click on "Find Stocks To Buy"
  2. Roll the mouse over the list of featured and popular screeners
    • Read the descriptions to the right
    • Look at the graphs that appear below the descriptions which are snapshots of the performance of the strategy over 1 month, 3 months, and one year. (Click on the arrows to control the time span , or just watch it cycle over the time periods)
  3. Pick a screener that you find most interesting then click on it
  4. Doing so will take you to a screen we call the "Control Center".  Feel free to scout around. Big picture:  The top half has tabs (located in the middle of the screen separating the two halves) that controls which stocks show up in the heat map.  The bottom half contains the results of the strategy that are presented to you in many different ways. Roll the mouse over the stocks on the heat map.
    • Study description, scores(by default % change over 1 month) and market caps
    • Notice that similar information is available when you mouse over the category headings
    • You can change grouping, sizing, and good/bad score color requirements in the little panel to the upper right of the results
    • Keep in mind that the other tabs at the bottom help you analyze the results and strategy in different ways with the Results By Category tab, They Results Table, Results Scatter, and Results Breakdown Tabs

Drilling down on an individual stock

  1. Pick a stock you see in a heat map, and click on it.
  2. See a pop up appear
    • Study numbers in the table (known as a tear sheet)
    • Switch the tear sheet (if desired) to look at a different set of numbers.
  3. Click on "View Chart" on the tear sheet
  4. See a performance graph comparing your graph to the S&P 500 index fund (SPY)
    • Notice pop-up of the performance as you click on the graph at a particular date
    • change the dates at the top of the graph by clicking on the blue underlined word "to" or by zooming in/out on different parts on the graph
    • click tabs on the bottom to see the "results table" and the "candlestick" graph and the results breakdown
  5. Look up to the top of the screen at the "Bread crumbs".  They will look something like XXXXXXX Account > XXXXXXXX Watchlist > XXX stock pick. Click on the Watchlist entry to go back to the watchlist
  6. Loop through more stocks of interest until you find one or more to invest in.

Analyze Overall Results and Performance Of A Strategy

  1. Be on the "Control Center" of the stock screener you choose in the first section. Access it by clicking on the Explorer Tab and selecting it under system stock screeners
  2. Click on the blue backtest icon in the upper right and wait for results
  3. View the performance of the strategy (the green line) versus the performance of the S&P 500 and Russell 2000
  4. Click on the word screener in green in the upper left hand corner of the graph and analyze the  annual return, total return and number of trades. (Visit this page to see how the returns are calculated)
  5. Explore the options built into this graph
    • Change the date range by clicking and typing or zooming
    • Click on lines
  6. Notice Next to the backtest tab the backtest table that displays the value of each line on the graph for every day throughout the backtest Also look at the backtest breakdown which breaks down the performance of the strategy by years, months, and days
  7. Click on the Results Breakdown Tab and you will see multiple pie charts. Here you can get a feel for the composition of the set of stocks that pass the strategy.
    • View the beta pie chart to get an idea of how volatile the stocks that  pass the strategy are on the filtered on date are. Change the date to view the composition of the stocks on a different date. (the numbers next to the pie chart section descriptions are the average scores of the stocks in that section. NOTE* Score in stock screeners in the % change in price from the filtered on date to the scored on date.)
  8. Now click on the Results Table Tab and notice the results displayed in excel format
  9. Now click on the Results Scatter tab and notice that you can view the results in a scatter chart with the x and y axis being completely customizable
  10. Now click on the Results by category Tab and view the results in a bar chart. You can change what the x-axis is sorted by in the upper right hand corner of the graph

Settle on a Strategy and Build a Watchlist

  1. Now that you know how to analyze the results and performance of a strategy, pick a stock screener you like to build a watchlist around it. Do that by returning to your acocunt page and selecting Find Stocks To Buy then choose the stock screener.
  2. After analyzing the stocks click on some stocks and select "I bought" or "Never Buy". Selecting "I Bought" wil lregister the stock as being held and you will be alerted when the stock no longer passes the strategy.
  3. Save the watchlist and get ready to be alerted when new stocks pass the strategy or when stocks no longer pass the strategy that you previously selected "I Bought" on