We are pleased to announce our  integration with Tradier Brokerage. You can manage all your stock trades with Tradier Brokerage using Equities Lab. To celebrate this new alliance, Tradier Brokerage is offering $200 worth of trades for free and we are offering two month free subscription to Equities Lab. Just enter the promo code EquitiesLab200 when opening your account.
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Making profits using Equities Lab with Tradier Brokerage hooked up is easy, all you need to do is:

Use one of our screens

You can start with one of our many screens which soundly trounce the S&P 500’s performance…

Our watch list functionality makes it a snap to compose multiple tasty ingredients together into your own special sauce, while filtering out elements you don’t want.

Or, have it exactly your way

You can also use our Equihack editor which makes it easy to create your own screens and strategies without straight-jacketing your thinking into some table format.

We believe most investment software took a wrong turn: They try to hide all the complexity from the user. This leaves you feeling like you can use this “easy to use” software with less confusion – but with no edge either? How are you supposed to come up with any ideas others haven’t, if the UI restricts you to a few options, to make it “simple”?

We allow you to write your ideas in an expandable equation format, with help at each step of the way. We have a number of powerful operators, which can be used to create more complicated terms, along with a formula library of these more complicated terms. These, together with our powerful pre-built screens will get you going…

Test the idea

See how your idea performs from year to year with Equities Lab’s powerful backtest and point in time screens. Make sure you can live with the best and worst your idea dishes out.

Test different trading frequencies, stop losses, and more.

Also, ensure that it has the right mix of stocks, and examine any other variables you might care to – for example average market capitalization, or average earnings yield.

Put the idea into practice

Use our watch lists to alert you the morning before it’s time to buy or sell (when a stock enters or exits a strategy).

Keep notes on your watch lists and screens, and keep track of how they are doing. Easily add new rules as you discover and fix flaws in your model. Limit the number of trades by specifying the maximum portfolio size. We’ll order the matches by whatever criteria you choose, and give you the cream of the crop.


Research your picks

Browse our informative tear sheets and charts that help you lead to a buy or sell decision. Use our handy jumping off points, which will send you to Seeking Alpha (we’ve written a few articles there), Google Finance, or the SEC (making it much easier to check the footnotes, as we do the stock lookup for you). Leave yourself notes on what you find (indexed by ticker), and see those notes whenever you see that stock in our system.

Place trades from within the UI

And have them seamlessly executed by Tradier Brokerage!

You have to specify how much to buy or sell, and it’s as good as done. Get in and out in a few minutes, and get on with the rest of your day!