Equities Lab is an investor's dream. Flexible stock screening, back-testing, charting, and trading rules. From balance sheets to macroeconomics - we do it all - If you can dream it, you can test it in Equities Lab. Finally know whether the idea in your head would have really worked or really tanked. Keep the science, get rid of the guess work. Get started with Equities Lab.


Stock Screener Backtest

Equities Lab's Backtest is fast, accurate, realistic, and intuitive. Our back test allows for stop losses, stop gains, trading costs, and custom re-balancing.

Comprehensive data

From financial statement items to valuations to housing data to interest rates to estimates, we have it all. Click here to view a list of our data fields.

Visual Editor

Tired of selecting from cryptic drop down menus? Create powerful stock screeners almost instantly using our easy to use visual editor.

Trading Models

Choose from industry standards or design your own robust trading models using technical, fundamental, and demographic data.