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Equities Lab is an investor's dream. Flexible screening, back-testing, charting, trading rules - quantitative or fundamental - If you can dream it up, you can test whether the idea in your head would have really worked or really tanked. Keep the science, get rid of the guess work. Get started with Equities Lab.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Our featured screeners have returned an average of 25% per year since 2004. By combining fundamental and technical trading strategies we can leverage the strengths of both.

EquiForm Editor

One of the many features that sets us apart is our user friendly and intuitive editor. Create strategies or metrics easily and quickly. Browse our Wiki to see the supported indicators and our Editor Guide.

Point-in-Time Data

Not only is our data updated daily but we also have point in time data which allows you to analyze for earnings manipulation and avoid survivorship bias.

Analytical and Validation Tools

Our analytical tools include scatter charts, a customizable heat map, pie charts, bar charts, candle stick charts, tear sheets, etc. Our highly accurate and fast backtest allows you to validate how that strategy has performed in the past.

Monitor Your Strategy

Receive alerts when stocks enter/exit your saved strategies.

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