January 29, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: Industries Facing Impact

Artificial intelligence was once only seen in Hollywood Sci-Fi films, but that narrative is quickly changing. Society is progressively becoming closer with AI, as it is used in things we interact with every day where we may not even realize it. Whether it’s with your Amazon Alexa, Siri, or even Google Maps on your commute which uses anonymized location data from smartphones, AI has an increasing presence to make simple tasks much easier.…

April 15, 2017

50% Employee Loss

   Most businesses run on a cyclical manner, meaning that they are subject to a normal business cycle. Using the Equities Lab screening technology, we can take a look at companies that lost 50% of their workforce in the last 252 days of trading. While we look at these companies, it is important that we keep in mind that there is a bigger picture for layoffs and losing employees rather than just “cost cutting”.…

March 26, 2014

Help! My stock went up 50%?!?!

What should you do if a stock you are holding goes up 50% in one day?  Yesterday night at 5:30 I found myself contemplating this happy question on ARTX (Aerotech, Corporation), which had gone up 50% on news of a large order from the U.S. Department of Defense.  So, I did what I usually do when confronted with such questions -- I used Equities Lab to get an answer.  

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