Traditional Technical Analysis Kinda Working

Tyler McCain

Why it’s hard to Trust Technical Analysis

Over this past month or so we‘ve been writing a lot of articles that are very pro-technical analysis. Personally, I was fascinated by technical analysis when I first started investing, but I have to say, my tastes have changed. Either way, our most recent featured screen is actually based off of the SCTR designed by StockCharts, and it works amazingly.…

Bringing Technical Analysis into Value Investing

Tyler McCain

Bringing Technical Analysis into Value Investing

Though I’m a strong believer in the fundamentals, and will die by the principals that fundamental investing works the best, I do have to admit that there are some virtues to technical investing. This is especially true when we look at how technical analysis can help us build and maintain our more fundamental and value based strategies.…

Using Equities Lab as a Charting Tool


Using Equities Lab as a Charting Tool

When most people think of “charting tools” when it comes to the stock market, their minds begin to wander to technical analysis and day trading. However, chart analysis doesn’t have to mean you’re going to look for a head and shoulders pattern or for when the price crosses a 50 day moving average.…

Average True Range Analysis


Technical Analysis – Average True Range

It’s no secret that, personally, I’m not the biggest fan of technical indicators. That being said, while testing Equities Lab most recent release I seem to have stumbled across an operator that consistently improves the performance of every screen that I use it with.

What exactly is the Average True Range indicator?

Press release — We’ve integrated with Tradier!


We’ve launched on the Tradier platform! Trade automatically with Tradier using Equities Lab.