At Equities Lab we provide powerful stock analysis tools to help individual investors outperform the market.

As ardent readers (and bloggers) of Seeking Alpha, we're convinced our tools could be a valuable aid to fellow readers and contributors such as you by providing additional dimensions and insights to help you explore and validate your investment hypotheses.

As the owner and founder of Equities Lab, I’d like to give you, my fellow Seeking Alpha enthusiasts, a free month's trial of Equities Lab for your own personal use.  With this offer I’d be delighted to help you generate interesting investment ideas and I’d welcome your suggestions on how we could provide even greater value to you.  

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Our goal is to put you in control of your long-term investment decisions and to help you achieve returns significantly higher than conventional investment vehicles such as mutual or index funds.

Our powerful technology help you select the best stocks for your investment criteria and then automatically alerts you when to buy and sell based on multiple financial criteria for each equity in your portfolio.

Equities Lab is suitable for both new and experienced investors.  New investors can start trading in minutes by using our library of high performing stock screeners to select their optimum stock portfolio. 

And more experienced investors can build sophisticated, custom stock screeners from a range of over 1000+ financial fundamental fields, and 400+ technical formulas.

And best of all, each investment strategy can be quickly tested over a 10-year period with Equities Lab’s powerful back testing engine to increase your confidence in your chosen strategy.

Using Equities Lab you can investigate and answer a multitude of hypotheses such as, “How much does free cash flow influence a stock’s performance?”  “Which stocks work with a momentum investing strategy?”   

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