Meet Henry C. Crutcher

Software architect and engineer

President of Equities Lab



Work Phone: 404 556 4974


1999:  MS, Computer Science, New York University, New York, NY

1997:  BS, Computer Science, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT


Created a securities analysis language targeted for equity analysts. The language runtime uses machine learning algorithms together with a custom storage and computation framework to allow rapid development and deployment of trading strategies.

Replaced core JDK libraries used by the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) platform to improve speed and algorithmic characteristics. Improved the GWT developer experience by speeding up hosted mode startup and reload. 

Helped create medical ontology system to store and manage medical vocabularies, handling millions of terms and arbitrary metadata, as well as advanced search and forms management 

Responsible for CDC’s Public Health Information Network (PHIN) security module

Created code generator and linker for an industrial strength Java ahead-of-time compiler for large server-side app-server applications

2011-present:  Equities Lab

Henry founded Equities Lab, which has created Equities Lab.  Equities Lab is a product that will leverage your insight and ideas to let them work more effectively in the stock market.  It makes it easy to test theories

when trading U.S. equities and ETF’s using end of day strategies.  It uses stock screens, models, and trading models to make turning an investment idea into a proven system something one can do in minutes, rather than days.

This rapid turnaround means you’ll have better strategies, and when they stop working (they always do), you’ll be able to fix them, or abandon them for better ones.

2007-present:  Intelligent Systems Development

Henry founded Intelligent Systems Development. The firm is focused on providing software solutions to customers for difficult and unique software problems.

Sample consulting

Henry was the development lead for a multi-million dollar GWT project at SAP, and is advised for a GWT deployment at Nike.

2006-2007:  Google

Henry worked on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), a Java-to-JavaScript compiler and UI framework.

2003-2006:  STC

Henry subsequently worked as one of the core creators of the PHIN VADS system, from inception and design, through presenting it to the CDC and getting CDC stakeholders interested, to its current stable, deployed status.

2000- 2003:  Tower Technology, Atlanta, GA

Previously, Henry was a Software Engineer where he worked on a small team to create a new just-in-time compiler for TowerJ 4.0.