March 2, 2018

How to create a good strategy

This how-to shows how to create a strategy in Equities Lab, and how to do some basic analysis of it. For humor value, we take the point of view of a children’s book character, named Amelia Bedelia, who has no common sense. We have all felt this way sometimes.

Create A Screener

A quantitative mutual fund is a screener.  
April 10, 2017

Funds Vs. Investing Yourself

Every investor has their own preferred investment. Two of the most popular choices are investing in funds such as ETF’s, Mutual Funds, or Hedge Funds, and self-investing using a strategy that you’ve either built yourself or adopted from a well-known investor. It’s finally time to figure out which choice has more potential.…

April 5, 2017

Explaining Quantitative Investing

What exactly is Quantitative investing?

Investing is an extremely difficult endeavor regardless of your goals. It takes both intelligence and strong will in order to do it successfully. With the invention of the computer and the more widespread use of data science, people eventually realized that you could take out much of the human error when it comes to investing in favor of complex investment algorithms that trade based solely on math.…

March 12, 2017

Investing is as american as apple pie

How are investments like apple pie?

Think back to the last slice of apple pie you have had. My last slice, eaten with my wife and two daughters, was delicious. It was out of this world. For me, it was the best apple pie. What makes it special? The recipe (passed down from my mother in law to my wife, Emily) is simple:


6 Granny Smith Apples

1/2 cup of sugar



Four Pillsbury frozen pie crusts

First question: why are we using four pie crusts for one pie?!?…

June 19, 2015

O’Shaughnessy Tiny Titans Screen

PLEASE NOTE: This article has been recently expanded and updated.  Although the conclusions are similar, the numbers quoted are different than the old article’s numbers.  Since all the numbers involve extreme market outperformance and micro cap stocks, real investors are unlikely to get exactly the same results. They are still likely to do well with this strategy.

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