A Fond Farewell for Tyler Mccain

Farewell Tyler — Hope your business takes off! Tyler has worked with us for about 4 years: doing anything that needed doing. From testing (tedious but critical) to creating new strategies that manage risk and optimize returns, to writing articles (137 of them!), handling customer issues and more. He has

My time here at Equities Lab

Tyler McCain
After four years it is now time for me to move onto the next chapter. My time here at Equities Lab has been fantastic, and I’ll still be around posting articles here and there. But before then I’d like to summarize my experiences here in this article. Since I was

Who’s Betting on Blockchain? – the Thousand Year Article

Ian U
Blockchain is essentially the technological architecture that supports Bitcoin, but it holds far more potential than just that. Many people deem the mastermind behind this term to be Satoshi Nakomoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. However, if you look into the original white paper the words "block" and "chain" are never conjoined but used separately, then later popularized.
With all the hype surrounding Bitcoin in recent years due to price fluctuations, it’s been hard to ignore. You hear about it on business news, you read about it on your Twitter feed, and then you hear the word “blockchain”. Blockchain is essentially the technological architecture that supports Bitcoin, but

Financial Valuation: Gordon Growth Model

Tyler McCain
The Gordon Growth Model
The Gordon Growth model is an offshoot of the standard dividend discount model. This model is used primarily to calculate the intrinsic value of a firm based on the discounted value of future dividends. The Equation At a basic level the Gordon Growth Model is calculated by: P = D1

CAPM – Capital Asset Pricing Model

Tyler McCain
CAPM Explained
CAPM – Capital Asset Pricing Model The CAPM is a staple of most every finance course that focuses on the valuation of equity investments. And though it may be a very good way to begin the process of teaching students how to effectively analyze securities there are a lot of