September 22, 2022

The Investable Universe

In Equities Lab, we refer to the universe as the sets the set of securities included in screens, ranks and backtests.

By default, we want to include only stocks that are reasonably liquidatable, as otherwise it is very easy to create screeners that work great on paper and lousy in practice.…

September 16, 2022

Undefined Property Handling

When a property does not exist, it becomes undefined. This table shows how undefined values are treated in Equities Lab

5 + or – Undefined5
5 * or / UndefinedUndefined
X > or < or = UndefinedFalse
X != UndefinedTrue for all X
Market Rank/Rank/Percentile of UndefinedUndefined

How to I handle undefined values myself?

February 14, 2022

Introduction to Equihack

 Equihack is the language behind Equities Lab’s Powerful Screeners.

Equihack Language Grammar


Equihack is the whimsical name given to Equities Lab’s computer language that drives its screeners and more. It allows you, the “Hacker,” to crack open secrets hidden in the records of over 7,000 stocks. This unique language has grammar rules that you will need to know in order to use it.…

February 14, 2022


FAQ answering some common questions about Equities Lab
May 27, 2020

Creating long short portfolios

Creating Long Short Portfolios in Equities Lab

Shorting stocks is hard to do profitably. Very hard. That said, adding a short component to portfolios can reduce drawdown. Long/Short portfolios are also useful to see if factors are important for good investment performance.

Using the islongshort macro

To model a long/short portfolio with maximum control, use the islongshort macro.…

January 15, 2020

Filtering and Ranking

These screenshots will start embarrassingly simple, and get more elaborate.  So stay tuned…
First, lets find large companies!


Now, within that set of companies we want to find companies with decent valuation:

That’s nice, but we have some companies with really tiny PE values:


Let’s filter them out (using add term on the <, and dragging and dropping the terms):


This is nice, but where did I get those 3 and 12 from. …

August 23, 2019

Factor Analysis

Factor backtesting in Equities Lab is easy, and revealing.  Here we analyze the factor total assets / sales, chosen at random because it is late at night when I wrote this article:-).

We see that fewer assets are better:  the two best performing quintiles are the lowest ones.  If you like numbers better than pretty lines, there are a few below — detailing the performance of each quintile. …

October 5, 2018

Changing the Benchmark

Equities Lab

Learn how to benchmark your strategy versus various benchmarks, ranging from indexes, to stocks and other strategies.

Imagine you have a large cap screen

Imagine you have a large cap screen Cutting to the chase, imagine you have a simple screen that finds reasonable large cap companies.  That screen is literally

Cutting to the chase, imagine you have a simple screen that finds reasonable large cap companies.  That screen is literally “import ohlson_o_score < -3 and mc > 10b”

Click on “® B 9”

Click on ” src=””

June 19, 2018

How to Use a Watchlist

How to Use a Watchlist

Henry Crutcher

A brief intro to get more out of watchlists, which help you manage your holdings.

Visit a watchlist

How to use a Watchlist

How to use a Watchlist

Your Holdings view is a collection of all your watchlists, gathered under title bars for each one. Here we show just one (FCA Dividends).…

March 2, 2018

How to create a good strategy

This how-to shows how to create a strategy in Equities Lab, and how to do some basic analysis of it. For humor value, we take the point of view of a children’s book character, named Amelia Bedelia, who has no common sense. We have all felt this way sometimes.

Create A Screener

A quantitative mutual fund is a screener.  
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