Financial Valuation: Gordon Growth Model

The Gordon Growth model is an offshoot of the standard dividend discount model. This model is used primarily to calculate

CAPM – Capital Asset Pricing Model

CAPM – Capital Asset Pricing Model The CAPM is a staple of most every finance course that focuses on the

Equities Lab vs. Gurufocus: Which Backtest Software

 This article pits Equities Lab and Gurufocus against each other, to determine which one deserves the individual investor’s loyalty. This

Death Crosses Don’t Work

OK, what is a death cross, and what do I mean by “it doesn’t work”? A death cross is a (very)

F-Score and Equity Short-Term Reversals

Quantpedia Strategies As I was recently looking around at other quantitative firms, I happened across Quantpedia. In the past we’ve