Equihack is the name we gave to Equities Lab’s programming language that drives our screeners, backtesting and everything else we offer.

The Equihack language is the focus of these lessons. Equities Lab has a great deal of reports, heat maps and graphs you can easily access without any understanding of Equihack language. If your background is in computer programming, you are welcome to study Equihack language before you understand the power of Equites Lab’s full system. For the rest of us, the reverse order is probably the preferable approach. With Equities Lab, tedious punctuation rules don’t need to be learned, yet you can still use complex expressions!

Why delve into Equihack? Our language is easy to read. It was designed to let you see what is really behind any given screener and to be easily changeable. You can effortlessly make changes to an existing screener and make it your own.

Once you are comfortable with the Equihack language, you will be equipped to create your own simple or highly complex screeners.

As you advance you will appreciate the ability to save mounds of code as a variable, a tab, a formula or a screener that can be used again and again in your projects. We will cover all this later. First, let’s build some very simple statements to get our feet wet.