Equities Lab has an amazing editor which will help you learn the language, the properties, and the operators. It even automatically completes partial input! The tools menu helps you find every field, formula and function. Tooltips describe these fields, formulas, and functions. When you put a function in, it will let you know what needs to go where. You can use the tools menu to search for all properties or fields that involve debt. If there was a formula that you remember that described the risk of bankruptcy, you can search in that in the tools menu.


Our editor grows faster as you learn more. We allow you to do everything with the keyboard. If you prefer, you can do almost everything with the mouse. As you start out, you’ll use the mouse a lot, and see the choices, and feel your way around. As you get more familiar, you’ll learn that you can type “MarketCap > 20b and RawClose > 10” and have it just do what you want. You’ll see the abbreviation system that allows you to type “tr1q” and get “TaxRate_1Q”, or “trev1q” to get “TotalRevenue_1Q”. It takes about 30 minutes for you to get useful results the first time out of Equities Lab, and after a few hours it seems fast, easy and intuitive.

You can create your own variables and tabs, allowing you to reuse work. We also allow you to plot anything: properties, the results of expressions, and true/false values. This plotting facility helps you to ensure your expressions work the way you want them to, since you can peek under the covers with ease. You can also import formulas which allow you build your work from larger building blocks.