Websites for Informed Investment Decisions: Harness the Power of Equities Lab!

The more you learn about the features of Equities Lab, the more you will be able to benefit and become a better investor. The software will load information about Sectors, Industries, and Individual stocks with a delay of 15 minutes on the real-time price. If there’s a preference for which site you want to rely on most for financial information, Equities Lab provides it! 

Keep reading to learn how Equities Lab gives the best real-time information and resources to research stocks. 

Peak Your Curiosity 

If you have a specific stock you’re researching, or maybe you like to mosey about in information out of curiosity, here’s how to do it effectively.

Today, July 13th, 2023, I was curious about Starbucks (SBUX) after getting my daily dose of caffeine. I made a ticker to specifically look at the real-time pricing for the company. At the bottom part of the tabs, I clicked on the positions map, and the below image appeared. 

If you click on the stock, the below image will pop up with 5 different links, the real-time price (delayed by 15 minutes), Trading days, the Market Cap, and a comparison of the S&P 500 (SBUX obviously outperforms the S&P).

Who doesn’t know about Starbucks? But sometimes, when you create a stock screener, you’ll find companies that are unfamiliar to you. If you hover your cursor over the name of the company/stock, a summary will pop up covering the purpose, history, and general information, like the image below. 

Diverse Finance Website Inclusion  

You might feel indifferent towards all the information above, but the software takes it further! 5 links are automatically included in every stock that is displayed through Equities Lab. If you want to know real-time information from the following websites, it’s one click away: 

  • Google: – Real-time stock quotes, financial news, interactive charts, and other financial information.  
  • Fool: – The Motley Fool provides real-time stock quotes, charts, insights, analysis, and tools to make informed financial decisions. 
  • Alpha: – Seeking Alpha is a crowdsourced platform that provides users with analysis, investment, and financial news. 
  • Yahoo: – Yahoo Financial provides real-time stock quotes, portfolio tracking tools, company profiles, etc. 
  • SEC: – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is a government agency that regulates a wealth of financial information, including public filings and disclosures such as quarterly and annual reports, etc. 
  • Stock Charts: – Another site with stock analysis, charts, technical indicators, and more. 

Visuals of Finance Websites 

The following images are screenshots taken at a certain time of the Starbucks stock, but if you click on the images, they will lead you to real-time information about those stocks, just like if you were using Equities Lab. 

Google Finance 

Motley Fool

Seeking Alpha 

Yahoo Finance


Stock Charts

The Power of Equities Lab

Learning all the information at your fingers tips means you learn how many resources can come into play when you research a stock. You don’t have to use these all at once, but being able to conveniently access them when you backtest is the best method for becoming a better investor.

Equities Lab wants you to access our software to its fullest potential, so don’t miss out on how these features will make your investment journey positive.

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