Visuals: Explore, analyze, and interpret data with a glance. 

What visuals are in Equities Lab? Interactive pie charts, diverse graphs, and your choice of visual landscape for every backtest breakdown. Furthermore, the data reported is always current with numerous perspectives to analyze like scatter plots, heat maps, and more. 

Why do visuals matter? You make informed decisions if you can see and understand the data.  Visuals are pivotal in giving you the data to delve deep and inspire intuitive actions.

How are these visuals different? Unlike other tools, the visuals provided are user-friendly, easy to access or export, and they provide high-quality data that you can depend on.

Interactive Pie Chart Visuals

interactive pie chart

Equities Lab’s standout feature is the interactive pie chart. This dynamic tool represents your stock portfolio’s composition over time, including sector classification, market capitalization, and other essential attributes. All without requiring you to read and analyze numbers constantly. Beyond composition, it delivers performance insights, showcasing average returns. This information guides you in developing your investment strategy for maximum returns.

Visualizing Extensive Charts and Graphs 

scatter plot

A wide range of intuitive and visually appealing data is what you will get when you backtest! These visual models include line charts, bar graphs, scatter plots, and more. Each one is designed to highlight different aspects of the data and provide you with actionable insights. For instance, line charts can track the recorded performance of individual stocks or an overall portfolio. The data can identify trends, patterns, and potential investments. Bar graphs can be used to compare the performance of multiple stocks or sectors, which stresses relative strengths and weaknesses.

heat map

Why Equities Lab’s Visuals? 

With high-quality visualizations that enhance your data understanding and empower informed investment decisions, Equities Lab is an absolute tool every investor could apply for actionable opportunities. From the backtest breakdown pie charts to versatile line charts, bar graphs, and scatter plots, the visuals cover your stock portfolio with the data of your choice. Leverage these visual aids to analyze data effectively, identify trends, and optimize your investment strategy for success today!