Trading Model Introduction

The Buy and Hold trading model.

The Buy Model is always true.

The Sell Model is always false.

The Security we have chosen is GE and the Safe Harbor is SPY.

This Trading Model is the simplest trading model possible. It signals to buy immediately and hold forever.  

When using Buy and Hold, the Trading Model and the Security (stock) will always be precisely the same line. This won’t be true for more complex trading models. 

Try This

You can click on the blue GE line in the middle left of the screen to hide different lines, remove outliers, include all points, or pick/change the color of the line.

Click anywhere on any line to view the value on that date

Click the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to navigate along or between lines

Now Try This

Click on the second date and change the year to the current year (2024, for now).

Hit the Refresh Button or CONTROL + R

Click on the current Security (GE) and change it to AAPL

Your graph should now look like this:

Hit Control + R or the Refresh Button  


Now click on the Candlestick Tab at the bottom of the graph

(You can click on a bar to view data for that day.)