Create Your Own Trading Model

Time to create your own trading model!

Create Your Own Trading Model

From the Explorer Tab, select the Create New Trading Model Icon.

You will be directed to a page to name your new Trading Model.

Go to the “Overview” tab and Replace “GE” with your favorite security. (We chose “aapl” and use $ (cash) as the safe harbor.)

Click on the “Buy” Editor Tab.

Your Editor should look like this (with whatever tickr you chose).

Type a Greater Than “>” and two boxes will appear on either side of it to make the editor look like this:

Click inside the first box, and select “Add Operator”.

Your cursor will be redirected to the tools tab at the bottom of the screen. Type in “average within” (or scroll until you see it,) and select it. (The operator will automatically be pushed into your formula.)

(If you hover over an operator, its definition will appear to the right.)

Your Editor should now look like this.

Type “Close” and “12” in the boxes, respectively.

Insert the “Average-within” operator again in the remaining box to the right. This time, let’s try typing it in though.

In the resulting boxes, type “Close” and “26“.

Press “GO

Now this Trading Model Buys and Sells “AAPL” based on Moving Averages

It Buys APPL when the 12 Day Moving Average is greater than the 26 Day Moving Average and Sells when that is not true.