Portfolios Introduction

Portfolios allow you to track stocks you have traded or want to trade.

Equities Lab Portfolios allows you to track and analyze your trades.


You can see at a glance how your portfolio has done.

Using the Create Multi-Portfolio Report option, you can also get customized reports on multiple portfolios at once for given time ranges.

Creating a Portfolio in the Past

So, you want to see how you would have done if you bought certain companies in the past? Here are the steps

  1. Create a new Portfolio
    1. From the Home Page’s Brokerage Menu, select “Switch portfolio”
    2. In the Create Portfolio Box enter your new portfolio’s name
    3. Select the Create button
  2. Create a stock screener with the stocks you are interested in
    1. From the Home Page, select Create Stock Screener
    2. Type ticker is and hit return.
    3. Type in the name of each ticker you want. 
    4. Type “,”to add another ticker, hit return when you are finished.
    5. Hit the “GO” button to populate your results
  3. Pick your stocks
    1. In the Results Tab, click on the “Returned On” date box
    2. Change the date to the date you want to buy your stocks on
    3. Hit the “GO” button and wait for your results.
    4. Click on the stocks you want to buy that date, and select the Add Past Trade For *** 
    5. Select the amount you want to spend on that stock, Equities Lab will calculate the number of shares to buy

Trades Table

You can import trades directly by clicking on the  Import Trades button at the top of the Trades tab.

You can modify/delete individual trades by clicking on them.