Fundamental Stock Screening

Point in Time Backtesting

Research a Market Segment

This page walks you the second selection in the Welcome section of your account page, “Research a Market Segment”

From your account page select “research a market segment”

In the resulting box choose the Sector screener Consumer Non-Cyclical, the Size screener Not Micro-Cap, and the PE screener High PE.

Then click Next

The result of completing the steps above is a watchlist in which the stocks pass the three stock screeners you choose.

So essentially the passing securites will be in the Consumer Non-Cyclical sector, they will not be micro-caps, and they will have higher then average PE’s.

Backtest this watchlist to see how High PE/ non-micro cap/ consumer-non-cyclical stocks have performed in the past

Judging by the results of the backtest it looks like High PE/ non-micro cap/ consumer-non-cyclical stocks have outperformed the market on average since 2004.

To learn more about Watchlists please go here to go through the Watchlist Quickstart Guide.