Compare Performance Across Categories

Learn how to compare performance across categories

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Create a new watchlist and add the stock screener “Yield Champions.”

These results are the stocks that currently pass the Yield Champions Stock Screener.

Compare Results across Categories

Click on the Results by Category Tab to view your results in a bar graph.

The graph above shows that the stocks that pass the Yield Champions screener, Technology, Transportation, and Consumer non-cyclical stocks, have performed the best on average over the past month.

Let’s sort the X-axis by something else besides Sector. How about PE?

Click on the “Sorted By Function” in the top right of the graph and select PE from the drop-down menu.

After Pressing OK your Graph will now look like the one below:

Changing the Score

Now let’s change the y-axis by changing the score to something else besides price change over the month.

Let’s change the score to net income growth trailing 12 months from the default of price change over one month.

Do that by creating a new tab and naming it “score,” then put “Net_Inc_Gwth_12M” inside the tab.

I would expect the higher PE stocks to have a larger Net Income Growth T12M compared to the lower PE stocks, let’s see if that assumption holds.

That assumption does not hold for this particular watchlist.

Sort by Anything

You can sort by anything in our program.

One way to do this is to plot any field in tools by dragging it to “show in results” Below I drug Times Interest Earned, Trailing 12 Months.

Times interest earned will now be available to sort by.

The other way to do this is to plot a variable with a term in it.

Below I plotted a term that says “Average PE within 10 days”

I can now sort my results by the variable above.