Find Stocks to Buy

Introducing a simple Watchlist.

Creating your Watchlist

First, open the Explorer tab to either create a new Stock Screener or choose an existing featured Stock Screener.

Let’s choose the first screener from the list above, named “Good to Great”.

Creating a Watchlist

Click on the Watchlist icon in the upper right hand corner of the stock screener to publish this screener as a watchlist. After publishing, it should look like the picture below:

 It will be saved in your account as a watchlist called “Good to Great”. You can locate it in the Explorer Tab.

Buying and Selling Securities

Click on one of the securities and notice there are two options;

  • Never Buy <name>
  • I Bought <name>

If you wanted to use this watchlist in reality to choose securities (stocks) to buy, you would research each company and:

  • If you don’t like the company, select “Never Buy” and we will blacklist the security so you won’t receive buy suggestions for it anymore, OR
  • If you like the company, and buy it in reality, select “I Bought“. We will then track the security and if it ever fails to meet the criteria of your watchlist, you will be prompted to sell.

Assume you like about half of the securities, so you buy them and blacklist the others. 

Switch over to the Blacklist Tab and notice all of the securities you Blacklisted are now displayed there.

Why do we buy?

We virtually “buy” the securities (stocks) in Equities Lab, so that we can keep track of your portfolio and generate “sell” alerts when the security no longer passes the inclusion criteria, or “buy” alerts when new securities pass.


Watchlist Overview

Now that you have created your first watchlist, you can switch to the Overview Tab to edit the name and description.

(To change the name and description of your watchlist, you can simply click on them to edit.)


Changing Tear Sheets

Tear sheets are a great way to get more information and statistics on different securities in your watchlist.

To open a tear sheet, choose a security from the heat map and click on it. A tear sheet like the one below will appear. If you want to switch tear sheets, click on “Switch tear sheet” and a list of other tear sheets for you to choose from will appear.