Receive Buy and Sell alerts

Having alerts on your watchlist can change the way you invest!

Open the Explorer tab, and search for the “Great Value Score Top 10” Stock Screener, and open it.

Your Screen should look something like this:

Now let’s publish this screener as a watchlist. Click on the watchlist icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to do so.

One Month Later

Now, if we could travel one month into the future, your watchlist would look something like the picture below, with “Buy” and “Sell” suggestions (except with some of the stocks from our watchlist above).

Some of the stocks that originally passed the requirements (screener) of our watchlist likely will no longer pass, and other stocks will. You will be given a “Sell” suggestion for the stocks that no longer pass, and a “Buy” suggestion for the ones that now do.

(The stocks are colored based on their return over 1 month. Green for good return and red for poor return.)

Notice in the picture above how WWW, OMCL, and TBI  have “Sell” suggestions while GNCMA, COHR, and HII have “Buy” suggestions.

You can click on each security in a Watchlist to sell or buy:

You can also make buys and sells from your home screen!

Why do we track buys and sells?

When you originally create the watchlist, you will have a lot of “Buy” alerts on securities; you will then research each security, BUY the ones you like or blacklist the ones you don’t.

As time passes, you will receive buy alerts when new securities pass, and sell alerts when one of your bought securities no longer passes the requirements of your screener criteria.

It would be extremely annoying to track what securities should be added/removed manually, so we provide an easy-to-use alerting system instead.