Breakdown Results With Pie Charts

Click on the Explorer Tab and open the Watchlist Rising Income and EPS Growth.

Switch to the Results Breakdown Tab.

The Breakdown tab displays Pie Charts of properties found in whatever tear sheet you are in. By default, Watchlists will open with the Synopsis Tear Sheet.

Notice in the Market Cap Pie Chart how the small cap section takes over half of the pie chart. This could indicate that the stock screener is too heavily weighted in small-cap stocks. Also, look at the PE Pie Chart and notice how the watchlist stocks have very high PE’s on average.

Click on the “High Beta” section of the Beta Pie Chart.

The pop-up displays size, which is how many stocks are in that particular category, and the average score of those stocks. Score in watchlists is the change in price over the past month by default. It also displays the ranges of the pie chart categories and the property description. 

Click on Sort Results by Beta. It will take you to the heat map in which the stocks are sorted by beta.