Whitelisting Stocks With The Buy Tab

Create a New Watchlist using the Explorer tab.

Inclusions Criteria

Navigate to the “Buy” tab as shown below.

Click on “Click To Add Screeners…”

Add the following Stock Screeners (you can type the names in the search bar to find them quickly).  

1. “High F-Score”

2. “Low PE”

3. “High Sales Growth”

Your window should look like the image below:


For a security to show up on your watchlist with a “Buy” suggestion, it must pass all of the selected filters (screeners). So the securities that show up will have a high f-score, low PE, and High Sales Growth.

Validate this Strategy

Now that we have a set of stocks that pass fundamental criteria, let’s validate whether the strategy would have outperformed the market on average with our backtest.

Click on the backtest Icon in the upper right of the program or click on the results drop-down menu at the top of the program and select Backtest.

Your results will look very similar to the image below.

The green line represents your return if you would have bought and sold the stocks that passed this strategy since 2010 (rebalancing weekly, visit the trading rules tab to edit the re-balance period, add stop losses and trading costs, etc.).

The grey line represents the S&P 500.

The total return of the green line is around 460%.

The total return of the S&P 500 was around 70%.

The results tell us that, on average, the stocks that have passed this strategy since 2010 have outperformed the S&P 500.

Adding Individual Securities

Click on “Click to Import Stocks” in the Buy Tab.

In the resulting window, add the following stocks (you can cut and paste the line below if you like…)


After clicking done, your results will then include the stocks that passed ALL 3 of the screeners plus those four individually added securities.