Plotting Data

Navigate to the Explorer Tab. Select the Watchlist Icon to create a new watchlist.

Navigate to the “Buy” tab in your new Watchlist and click on “click to add screeners…”. Add the “Health Care” and “Mid Cap” stock screeners. Press “Done”.

You will get a heat map similar to the one below with stocks that match the requirements of the stock screeners you just added to your watchlist.

Adding Properties to your results

Now switch to the Tools tab at the bottom and search for “Research and Development Trailing 12 Months“. Click and drag it into the “Show in results” box. (You’ll have to switch from the “Description” tab to the “Manage Shown Properties” tab as shown below.)

After you refresh your data, you should see the “Research And Development T12M” when you hover over a security (stock). Using our Scatter Chart, Bar Chart, and Results Table, you can also use this property to visualize your data.

Some stocks may not have a given field. For those stocks, you will get a “?” in the results.

Adding custom expressions to your results

Click on the   button , and type in “change in research.” Click on the name of the tab you just created within the new editor. Click the drop down option called “Plot Variable” from the drop down menu. The “plot_” prefix lets the software know you want to plot the data in this tab.

Next, type in the following expression in the new tab we made: “Research and Development 1Q / Research and Development 2Q”.

After you refresh, you will see that “change in research” has been added to your results.

Plotting another stock on your graph

Switch to the “Buy” tab and click on “Stocks I bought”. Type in “GE” and then “Done”. Now this specific stock and its data will appear in your results.

After refreshing, you will see that this specific stock now shows up in your results as “Ge%”.