Fundamental Stock Screening

Point in Time Backtesting

Formula Overview

Formulas are used to create expressions that can be used in Stock Screeners, Trading Models, Watchlists, and even other formulas.

Formula Introduction

Create a formula for large market cap. Click the “Create New Formula” icon and give the New Formula a name.  Now switch over to the New Formula  Tab, click on “new_formula” and name it “large_Marketcap”  In the…

Using a Formula

Now, let’s use that formula in a stock screen… You have Created and Saved a formula. Lets apply it to a Stock Screener. From the Explorer Tab  select the Create New Stock Screener Icon. In the Stock Screener, Sw…

Create Formula while Editing Screener or Trading Model

The easy way to create a new formula. From the Explorer Tab, locate System Stock Screeners,  select the Featured:  Rising Income and EPS Growth  Stock Screener, and switch over to the rising_EPS  tab. Click…

Formulas Navigation

Introducing formulas to your repertoire. A formula is a macro/expression that you think will be useful in creating future Trading Models  and Stock Screeners . There are two ways to create formulas: From Your Account… 1….

Tear Sheet

This page describes how to create a new detail view using the HTML editor in a new formula. A step by step guide to creating a new formula that serves as a detail view is coming soon!

Plot Panels

A brief description of Plot Panels Plot Panels represent useful sets of plotted terms to add to your screener while analyzing stocks. Rather than adding a whole bunch of individually plotted variables to your stock screeners, you can simply add them…